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My October Favourites

My October Favourites

I thought at the end of each month I would start doing a short round up of anything new I have discovered, whether it be baby or mummy related. My friends and I are often sharing the fab products we come across so I thought why not do the same here on the blog? 

Here are the 5 best items I have discovered this month:


1) Janod wooden camera

You may have already seen via my Instagram that Bella was recently given this beautiful toy by a good friend of mine. I adore it not only because of the gorgeous look and feel but also because as I'm sure you know I love my camera too. Janod is a French brand but if you have a look at this link you should be able to find your nearest stockist, otherwise you can buy it on amazon


2) Batiste stylist plumping powder. 

I feel like I am a bit late to the party here but I recently discovered this little pot of magic via Emma Hill. I would describe it as an alternative to hairspray in terms of holding the shape but without the stiffness. I use it when my hair is tonged and tousled, I can then 'scrunch' my hair throughout the day and it will bounce back up again. The only downside (for me) is my hair seems to get greasier quicker and just watch out you don't get it on your outfit when you sprinkle it on your locks.

3) New Look Trio Strobe Highlighter Palette

I was only made aware of New Look's beauty range when a friend of mine (who knows I love makeup) gave me this highlighter kit to try. There are three shades in the palette which is ideal for me as my skin tone changes a lot throughout the year with the seasons. The highlighters are really subtle and not too glittery. I am also a fan of powder highlighters as opposed to liquid as I feel the liquid options move the make up underneath.


4) F&F Knitwear

Last week I was in Aberystwyth and my friend was wearing a fab jumper from F&F at Tesco. Later that day we happened to be in a store buying food so I did a quick whizz around the clothing mat. Unfortunately my size was out of stock but I bought this  blush jumper which I'm so pleased with, a total bargain at £18.

5) Little People, Big Dreams books.

This gorgeous collection of story books was brought to my attention when a friend bought the Coco Chanel book for Bella. The books tell the stories of famous, independent, empowering and successful woman throughout history. Their stories are accompanied by beautiful illustrations. To be honest I think they're great gifts for adults as well as children.


Let me know if any products you have come accross lately that you are loving! 

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch

Sunday stroll in Aberystwyth

Sunday stroll in Aberystwyth