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My November favourites

My November favourites

Following on from last month I thought I would let you know about my 5 favourite new items I have discovered in the last 4 weeks or so....

1) Primark knitwear

Another month, another piece of knitwear. Jumpers are my uniform in winter, paired with jeans it's my (very exciting) daily look. Boy do I go through them with my little angel lobbing food (and god knows what else) at me at least 3 times a day. I went into Primark this month for the first time in years and had a quick whizz around. Primark is fantastic for fast paced fashion items at ridiculously low prices, I was at uni when they really first came on the scene and started the immense growth. My housemates and I would often make a few trips a week. It was such a revolution to buy new clothes at such low prices on a student loan budget. However, as I've grown older I tend to avoid items of poorer quality more in favour of investment items. BUT I couldn't resist this jumper for just £10, there were about 8-10 colour options but of course I went for grey. I had turquoise in my hand but I put it back...really regretting not getting that one as well now! I've washed it several times and give it a thumbs in for quality too!

IMG_2043 2.JPG

2) Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush
I have recently become a regular customer at the benefit brow bar. I go for a tint and wax every few weeks and I can't recommend it enough. They shape them wonderfully and the tint gives extra definition. However my brows do still need filling in as they can be a bit sparse - not due to over plucking as my mum talked me out of that as a teenager, just bad luck I guess! Benefit sell a product called 'Precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil' which is fab, but at £20 I think it's a bit expensive. So I went into Boots in search of an alternative and found this by Soap & Glory. The same idea: a teeny tiny pencil meaning you can be really precise and almost draw little hairs in and a brow brush on the other end. With a price point of £8.50 it's a lot more affordable.


I use it to fill in the arch and inside of my brow. I then brush the product through to stop it looking to drawn on. See below before and after....thank goodness for make-up, hey? 


3) Bella's Next pinafore 

I don't really need to explain why I love this so much do I?! Bella is going to be rocking this all winter and hopefully through into the summer too.  A great investment piece and totally adorable.


4) Frugi Wellingtons 

Bella's Nana came to visit this month and inside her suitcase was the most adorable pair of wellies I've seen. Phil's mum had mentioned that a little shop where she lives sold these adorable boots and so as soon as the seasons changed she got Bella a pair. We have gone up a size so that they will last through the winter with extra thick socks for now. Not only are they incredibly cute but they are also environmentally friendly as they are made from natural rubber and are PVC free.


5) The White Company 'Night' Candle.

I know, I know it's a lot of money to spend on a candle but I do believe the more expensive ones are often more cost effective in the long run as their scents are more intense and they don't burn down so quickly. My sister picked this candle out and after one sniff I wanted it - unusual for me as I am normally the person in the candle isle of TK Maxx smelling 81794528645 candles and struggling to make a decision. We were lucky to get it heavily reduced at Bicester Village over the black Friday weekend. The large one is currently sold out but the smaller one is still available, I'm so tempted to buy the perfume too as I love the smell so much.


What great finds have you come across recently?!

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