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The Christmas Gift Guide (1-2yrs)

The Christmas Gift Guide (1-2yrs)

I know, I know it's only mid November and I'm talking about Christmas presents....BUT I am hoping to make the most of the Black Friday sales next week and getting a lot of my Christmas shopping done.

Back in July I wrote this post after Bella's first birthday which included some of the fab gifts she had been given. Some of my lovely friends said they found it useful so I thought I would write a post about the gifts Bella is getting for Christmas along with some other items as a source of inspiration for anyone that might be struggling for ideas. Also a note to say Bella will obviously not be getting all of these presents from us and I really will try to ensure she is grateful for all the presents she gets as she grows up.

Toy kitchen

Some of Bella's older friends have play kitchens and she is often drawn straight to them on playdates. I think this toy will be a great investment as hopefully it's something Bella will play with for years to come. We have gone with this Ikea one. I believe she has also been bought some of the cute accessories that go with it too. Click on the images below to shop:

Cosy coupe car

This is a very nostalgic gift for me as it was one of our favourite toys when my siblings and I were little. Whenever we're at playgroup Bella makes a beeline for these so I think she is going to be so excited to have her own! We have decided to go for the classic red option. Click on the images to shop:

Toy buggy

The first time I took Bella to a playgroup back in September she spent the entire hour and a half pushing a buggy around. I found it really sweet as I thought she was copying me, Phil and my mummy friends as that's what she sees us doing so much. I picked one up last week when Bella had a stinking cold to cheer her up, but if she didn't already have one it would be on the Christmas list. I just went for a basic option for now as it's more about her pushing it around with a doll / teddy in it at this stage.

Bath Toys

Bath time has always been an activity / playtime in our house, an ideal way to take up some time during the 'witching hour'. We don't have many toys in the bath but they are certainly some of the most played with in our house. My brother bought the turtle (below) for Bella, it spins, rolls, seesaws - the works! Click on the images to shop:

Peg Puzzle

Bella was given a couple of these for her first birthday and I never got around to adding them to that post. She plays with them all the time and matches them up correctly. She loves our Melissa & Doug puzzle (below left) and makes the animal noises as she slots the pieces in. Click to shop:

Play tent / Teepee

This is a great alternative to a Wendy house, and what's ideal about one of these is that they are collapsable and can be put away - a bonus when there are space constraints. You could even put it away for a few days when your little one seems less fussed, then get it back out and it will be a novelty all over again. Ours is from Tiger, Bella loves sitting inside and looking out of the 'windows' at us. This will last into the summer too when we can put it in the garden.

Bowling / Skittles set

We have been setting something similar up lately with a tennis ball and some of Bella's animal toys, she finds it hilarious and it entertains her for at least 5 minutes (winner). I think she would love a little skittles set, click on the images to shop:


Again a nostalgic one here, Lego's little brother has got to be a perfect gift for any toddler? If it's anything like it used to be surely it'll create hours of entertainment? Click to shop


I couldn't do a gift guide without mentioning books as they're always a go to for me if I'm stuck for something to buy for a little one I know. At the moment we are really loving anything by Julie Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Monkey Puzzle is a particular favourite. 

Musical instrument

You might not thank me for this but a musical instrument can be a really nice toy for a 1-2yr old. They are getting into songs and music and often love to boogie along to the radio etc. Once they realise they can make a bit of music themselves they will be loving their new toy. Click on the images to shop.

I hope this has been helpful, please let me know if any other ideas!

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