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My December Favourites

My December Favourites

This little blog is far from setting the world alight (yet!) but in October and November my 'monthly favourites' have been my most popular posts. SO here are my December favourites. It's a bit of a bumper post what with it being Christmas and all I had a few extra treats!

Topshop 'Malone' boots

A mid heel black boot is now a wardrobe staple for me, especially for the weekends or an evening out when wanting to look a bit smarter. The days of me tottering around in high heel shoes are long gone unless it's a really special occasion. I've had a pair from Zara (shock) that I've worn to death the last couple of winters so some new boots were on the Christmas list.

I went for these Topshop dreamboats (red patent here , black patent here), classic but with a bit of an edge with the 60's block heal and eyelet detailing. Comfy to boot too (pardon the pun)...TOPSHOP even reposted this image from my Instagram on their account - pinch me moment! 


See some similar styles below

The Penguin Snowsuit

You may remember the picture below from when we had some real snow back in Decmber? Bella was wearing this snowsuit from M&S that our friend and neigbour kindly lent us...unprepared Mama right here! 


I hadn't bought a snowsuit because I thought the chances of us having weather which might warrant one were slim (WRONG!). However, over the winter I have had so many occasions with Bella in the park where her entire outfit has ended up covered in mud I suddenly thought the snow suit was actually more of a 'muddy winter day' suit. With this in mind we put it on the Christmas list and she received the below - HOOOW ADOOORABLE???


It's ideal - I put her in it when heading to the park then whip it off once we are done so I can put her back in the buggy mud free! See below some other ideas, I have to say Marks and Spencer do a great job at this product! 

Garnier Face Masks

I had a bit of a spooky moment with my friend a few weeks back, I went over there one evening and was complaining about how dry and bad my skin had been (I think it was due to the cold weather and heating etc). Anyway, I said I was going to buy a facemask the next day and she had literally bought this Garnier 'moisture bomb' for the same reason that morning. So we waited until our girls were in bed (we didn't want to scare the bejesus out of them) and gave the masks a whirl. Leave one on for 15 minutes and let the magic happen! I found it to be quite soggy and wet compered to others but the results were instant, my skin looked brighter and felt more smooth. Big thumbs up from me!

Wooden spinning gears and cogs puzzle

Bella was so very lucky this Christmas, she got a few bits that featured in my gift idea post but if I was to list all the things she received on here it would be like a novel. So instead I thought I would share the one toy that I had never seen before and that she is playing with constantly. My two friends got Bella the Vortigern Wooden spinning gears & cogs puzzle (similar here) and it's been an instant hit from the get go.


See some similar toys below:

Personalised wax seal

When we got married I sealed our save the dates and invites with a personalised wax seal of our initials (C&P) and since Bella has come along I've bought a new one and added B to the mix.


So this isn't something I discovered in December, but when I was sealing our Christmas cards I thought it was a nice little touch to share with everyone. I found ours on Ebay, you can pick the wax up there too. It takes a bit of patience but people will always comment on what a nice addition it is to cards we may have sent them.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Concealer is a pretty integral part of my daily look now I have bags as big as my handbag under my eyes. I've been lusting after the beauty bloggers favourite for quite some time, so when I got some money for Christmas I headed to the Nars counter in Selfridges and purchased this concealer. The lady on the counter applied by patting it onto the under eye area rather then rubbing it in. I have followed suit and so far I am impressed, it has good coverage and stays put without looking cakey or cracking. Thumbs up from me!  


Metallic pumps

Comfort is at the top of the agenda for my weekday / mummy uniform. Having said that I get a bit bored of the jeans and jumper look so when I spotted these in Zara (now on sale) I thought they would be the perfect way to jazz up an outfit.


Comfy but eye catching! More options below...

H&M Hooded Towel

My friend Bea always comes up with fab presents. She featured in my 1st birthday present idea post when she bought Bella this adorable present . For Christmas she matched the cuteness with this adorable hooded towel from H&M. I haven't been able to find the exact one online but they have something similar.


It's a great gift idea if you're buying for a little one and are not sure what toys they might already have and don't quite know the style of clothing their parents dress them in. It's a win win present in my mind! More options below:

Chic wish Cardigan


The cardigan I am wearing in the image above was another Christmas pressie I asked for. Chicwish have been setting bloggers' Instagram accounts alight this season and I have been lusting after the 'Knit your love Cardigan' for quite some time. I went for the ivory as it's (shock) nice and neutral. I've only worn it a couple of times and had lots of compliments / messages about it. 

Image from  Cellajaneblog

Image from Cellajaneblog

Hope you've enjoyed this post, as always let me know of any gems you have come across! 

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