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1st Birthday Present Ideas

1st Birthday Present Ideas

As we have just had Bella’s first birthday I thought I would mention some of the fantastic pressies she was given. In the lead up to her birthday I asked some of my friends with older kids what had been good gifts when their babies turned one, so that if anyone asked I had a couple of ideas. Obviously we do not take all these wonderful gifts for granted and as Bella gets older I really want to make sure she is grateful each birthday and understands how lucky she is. 

Shape sorter

A few friends said shape sorters are great toys for 1 year olds as over the next year they really start to develop their problem solving skills. I'm sure (if you're old enough) you remember the retro sorter from the 80s (right) ? Bella was given a wooden one with about 20 shapes, she loves playing with it and is already managing to get some of the shapes in. See below some ideas, click on the images to go through and shop...

Noah's Ark

This was given to Bella from her Nana and it's such a lovely gift, she is really getting into animals now whether it be in books or visiting at the farm / zoo.

The great thing about the Playmobil option is that the top of the ark pops off and all the animals fit inside when you tidy it away. It's also amazing from at Argos at £9.99...click on the images to shop:

Tea set

Bella is already obsessed with pretending to pour and drink tea so I was really pleased when she received a set for her birthday. I feel like this is a toy that will really last as well, I can imagine her playing with this when she's 5 and I am 'coming into her cafe'. She received both of the tea sets below, both different and brilliant in their own ways. I have put the one on the right (from Jojo Maman Bebe) away for a bit as there are some small bits but I cant wait to get it out when she is a bit bigger. The one on the left is all singing and dancing and she is already hooked! Click to shop:


We've been reading Bella books pretty much from birth but she is now getting to the point where she will pick up a book and bring it over to me to read to her. She's always loved what I call 'interactive' books. Those with flaps or texture, the issue at the moment is that she is ripping all the flaps out of her books. For now we are trying to hide these beautiful books until she grows out of this phase and going for those with textures etc. I absolutely LOVE the 'Thats not my....' books. Click to shop:

The great thing about a book as a gift is that they come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

Baby Walker

By age one some babies are walking, in fact a few of Bella's buddies already are. However most are not quite there but very confident whizzing around with a walker. Bella was given the V-tech one (below left) by a friend, it's absolutely amazing as the front of it pops off and is an interactive board for her to play with. In terms of walkers there are lots of options, I would personally go for one that is multifunctional, so Bella was also given the one directly below by her great granny and she loves posting the balls through the little trunk. Click on the images to shop


Lastly I wanted to talk about some unique presents Bella received which I hadn't seen before. It's sometimes good to 'think outside the box' a little especially if the baby is having a big party as duplication of gifts is common.  

Sarah and Bendrix Mum and Baby Duck

Do I even need to explain why I love this present so much? it's just so cute, almost ornamental and what's more it came with a personalised dust bag with Bella's name on it. Just beautiful, click on think image to shop the toy:

Bella is hooked already...

Mouse in a matchbox

Again a totally adorable gift and Bella was pretty fascinated from the moment she opened it. I'm trying to introduce it to our bedtime routine where we put the mouse to bed and Bella goes to bed. Then, if Bella wakes up super early I can explain, 'sorry Bella, the mouse is still in bed and so are you', easy as that......

Click on the image to shop 

Maileg have lots of similar items, there is a great selection on Not on the highstreet.  

Personalised back pack

We were so delighted with this gift  from My 1st Years  which I recently posted on my instagram. I have been packing the bag with Bella's favourite toys and books when we head out and have had lots of compliments already.

Click on the image to shop.


I hope you have found this useful and have some good ideas if your little one is about to turn one. As Bella has turned one so have a lot of her little buddies so it's good to have lots of options.....!

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