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Boat day

Boat day

It’s become a bit of a tradition that we hire a boat for one of the days we are in Mallorca. This year we used Alejandra Charters and were thrilled with the great service from Pedro the owner and Raul our skipper.

I’ve talked before about my love of the sea and it’s a real luxury for me and my family to go out on our own boat. It’s actually not as expensive as you might think, it was roughly the same per head as it might have cost to go out on a larger boat excursion with lots of other people.

We got up early and headed down to the port to meet Raul and after completing some paperwork we were out to sea.


Before long we were chugging our way around the coast, pulling into coves where Raul would explain the history of certain caves or fishing spots.


Whenever we stopped we would be greeted with the most incredible, clear turquoise water, so beautiful.


I absolutely adore the morning light when out at sea, the sun really glistens off the water as it's so low in the sky.


The waves are much calmer early in the morning and the sun not quite as scorching. I’ve often made the mistake of being fooled by the strong breeze out at sea and got well and truly frazzled in the past. I don’t make that mistake anymore and doused us all in high factor before setting sail. I then had a little helper to ensure everyone stayed safe in the sun...


Bella was of course in her sun protection suit once she was out in the sun.

After a couple of hours we pulled up for a pitstop and my favourite part of the trip, jumping in off the boat into the crystal clear water. I just love it, I don’t know why it feels so special but you can’t beat it.


We all clambered back on board and sailed a bit further before stopping for lunch and another swim. Bella was mesmerised by us jumping off the boat into the water and watching us come back up to the surface. Below you can see her laughing a Phil with my Mum and Grandma.


Once finished it was time to head back to port, a half day was definitely enough for Bella. We couldn’t really let her crawl about for obvious reasons and she didn’t have a nap onboard so was ready to get off come 2pm. She fell asleep before our car had even left the port.


If you are in the Pollensa / Alcudia / Muro area of Mallorca definately consider a day out with Alejandra Charters , it really was a day to remember. 

Me time - Mum's birthday afternoon tea.

Me time - Mum's birthday afternoon tea.

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