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My newborn musthaves

My newborn musthaves

After the popularity of my last newborn post I thought I would write a quick post listing the items we used nonstop when Bella was a newborn (I class 0-3months as newborn). Outside of the obvious (carseat, buggy and cot/moses basket) these are the items I would take to a desert island if we're lucky enough to have another one.

1) Carrier

We were fortunate to get this as a gift and it's by far one of the best things we've had. Up until Bella was about 10 months I would often take this over the buggy into town as I got so sick of getting in people's way and pushing it everywhere. We went for this one from baby bjorn one, it's fab as we can still put Bella in it now and carry her on our backs if out for a walk. I think Baby Bjorn is the most popular along with the Ergobaby. The thing that put me off the Ergobaby is that it has a clip you have to do up between the shoulder blades that I've watched people struggle with. It's been amazing when travelling through airports too. See below Bella on the central line, carried by her Auntie.


2) Sleepyhead

There has been a bit of controversy over these sleeping aids over the last year but I would use one again for daytime naps. We were again lent this by a friend and we only used it downstairs for daytime napping while we were around. Some people have them in cots at night but I was paranoid she would get too attached to sleeping that way after hearing about a friend driving round Spain trying to find one when they went on holiday and their baby couldn't sleep without it. So we used it downstairs in the day and she loved it and slept wonderfully on it. It meant we could put her down and get on with bits but she felt all cosy and snuggle with the protective sides. 


3) Mirror for the car

The early stages are worrying in the car, the baby is rear facing so obviously you cant see them if you're in the front. If they're quiet you're on edge because you're worried they're not breathing and if they're screaming their head off you're stressed because...they're screaming their head off. A mirror for the car is a winner as you attach it to the back headrest so you can see them in your rear view mirror and if you're a passenger you can just look over your shoulder and see them in the reflection. Ours came in a case which now holds our iPad so on long journeys I can whack on a few episodes of Ben and Holly. We got ours in John Lewis but they don't seem to sell it anymore, this is the cheapest I have been able to find it. Other available below:

4) Bouncer

We were lucky to have been lent two bouncers by our amazing friends. The first was a Mothercare one which she LOVED in the early stages at it vibrated (similar here). As she got bigger she grew into the baby bjorn one. HUGE selling point of this one is that it collapses flat so we packed it in our buggy bag when we went to Dubai so she could bounce away on the beach. As you can see below she was extremely pleased about that.


5) Feeding Pillow

This was a life saver at the start when I was breastfeeding non stop. They also come in handy when they get a bit bigger to sit them in / help prop them up. I had this one from John Lewis. They're also quite useful when people come to visit and are a bit scared of holdin a newborn, they can pop it on their lap with the baby on top.


6) Angelcare bath seat

Right, for me bathing a new born was scary. They're slippy, wriggly and tiny compared to a huge bath. We loved this from Angelcare . You place it in your normal bath, sit the baby on it and the water fills up around them without you worrying about dropping them. I might not be so obsessed with it the second time around as I would feel more confident with a newborn, but if you're having your first I highly recommend it. 

7) Coconut oil

Lastly a bit of a random one but something we used every day when Bella was diddy. It is recommended that you do not use any bubble bath in the first few months when bathing a baby. Where we live, like most of the south east, means we have very hard water so I was worried about Bella's skin becoming really dry. The health visitor advised putting a bit of coconut oil in the bath each time, we also used it after the bath for baby massage. Not only did Bella smell delicious but she also had and still has really soft skin. Obviously I am not saying this has totally prevented her from having any skin issues, that's probably more down to luck - but it's definitely something I highly recommend. I just pick ours up in my local Holland and Barrett. 


I hope you have found this useful and as always this is all just my personal opinion. Also I can highly recommend booking a nursery appointment with John Lewis. They take 1-2 hours to walk you round the baby department without any pressure to buy it all. If anything, we used it as a check list of what we needed, we did buy most of it from them in the end as they tend to price match on most branded items.

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