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Our babymoon - the Maldives

Our babymoon - the Maldives

Updated Jan 2019: The Maldives is now at moderate risk with Zika so if you are pregnant check with your doctor before travelling.

This week marks two years since our wonderful babymoon on the Maldives. I still look back at these pictures and think how lucky we were to have experienced such an amazing holiday. I mean just look at it....


The Maldives had been on our bucketlist for a while, we considered it for our honeymoon but as we were fortunate enough to have 3 weeks off work we decided on a more multi stop / road trip holiday (California and Hawaii). Plus the time of year was more suited to that location. Back then we said we would try our hardest to do the Maldives before we started our family so it was the perfect place to go when I was preggo. We booked the Centara and it was amazing. We decided on a water bungalow because to us that's the really special / unique part of the Maldives. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with our new neighbourhood.


We arrived late afternoon / around dusk so the sea was more of a darker blue (like the very top image). The next morning when we woke, I peaked out the curtains to be greeted by sea the colour it is in the images below and I burst in to tears. I don't know if it was the pregnancy hormones but it was just so beautiful and I felt so lucky to be there with Phil and our little bell pepper sized baby in my tummy....cheesefest I know!  


If you want to stay in a water bungalow it's worth saying don't be sucked in by adverts saying 'Maldives holidays from £XXXX' as that will be for a room on the island (still amazing) and the price will more than likely go up considerably for a water bungalow. We also paid a bit more for a bungalow that faced the sunset so we could watch if from our deck each evening - just something worth thinking about!


Some people think the Maldives might be a bit boring as you are confined to one island and I get that but there were so many activities / boat trips you could do something different everyday. Plus our tiny island had five restaurants with different cuisines, they were all pretty small but the food was delicious and meant we were't sitting in the same restaurant every night. Despite being about 18 weeks pregnant I was still pretty sicky so we only did one boat trip and were happy to chill and swim / snorkel...


.....And sip a few mocktails (Phil tried his best to make up my share of the all inclusive booze!)


...and to practice some photography. With the baby on it's way I was keen to dust off my SLR and start using it again.


The snorkelling in the Maldives is something else, even compared to Thailand / Australia / Egypt / Hawaii I do think hands down it was the best. Even just hoping off our water bungalow we were greeted by the cast of the little mermaid under it!

Each afternoon the shoreline would be filled with reef sharks, totally harmless but as they look very similar to their more dangerous cousins it was quite alarming when first seeing them.


To get the picture below we stuck our GoPro (which was attached to a selfie stick) in the sand underwater and left it on a setting where it takes a picture every couple of seconds...Blue Planet eat your heart out!


It was a such a special place to share our last holiday as a pair for a while, one thing worth mentioning if travelling when pregnant is to make sure there is a hospital you can get to if needs be. Without being negative we purposely picked a resort that was about 20 minute speedboat away from Male (the main island) where there are hospitals as opposed to one that was an hour seaplane ride away. Just something worth bearing in mind if travelling somewhere remote when pregnant.


Also bear in mind that when you are pregnant you are so much more sensitive to the sun. I was wearing factor 50 with a hat on most of the time but I still mananged to get sunspots on my face which are just about fading now nearly two years later. I was in the shade a lot and still got really tanned just from the few hours I was in the sun.

One final comment is to make sure you are not 'too pregnant' to fly, remember to check with your airline before you book AND inform your insurance company!


Happy babymooning!

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