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The Pumpkin Patch 2018

The Pumpkin Patch 2018

If you were a reader of my blog a year ago you will remember that we visited the pumpkin patch at the pop up farm. We left it a bit late last year and the patch was looking a bit desolate so this year we decided to go a bit earlier.

My jumper  here  , faux leather trousers  here , Bella’s jumpsuit  here ,

My jumper here , faux leather trousers here, Bella’s jumpsuit here,


The farm is about 15-20 minutes from us in St Albans and we visited this morning on the way back from a swimming lesson.


There is a bit more going on this year with a food and drink tent as well as a ‘maze’ made from straw bales which Bella loved.

I am throwing a Halloween dinner party this year so wanted to get some pumpkins to maybe incorporate into the meal and obviously for decoration too.


The pumpkins are smaller this year due to the extreme weather over the summer and they haven’t been able to grow as many. I’ve seen people moaning on Facebook groups about the price of them versus the supermarket but for me it’s about the experience of going and picking them and treating it as an activity for the little ones, even if you only buy one. Plus the money is going to a family of farmers rather than a supermarket AND it’s a great photo opportunity.


Bella was really drawn to the mini pumpkins as she was complaining the bigger ones were ‘too heavy’ - fair enough! They have wheel barrows if you’re hoping to get a few.


It’s due to be open from 10am-4pm all of this week until it sells out. Keep an eye on their twitter feed to make sure it’s open, if the weather is really wet they have to close as the carpark (field) gets too muddy. You should be fine this week though as the forecast is glorious!

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