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New family bathroom

New family bathroom

You may have seen on my Instagram a while back that we were planning on redoing our family bathroom? Our house is relatively new (under twenty years old) but until 2017 the bathroom on the first floor (our family bathroom) was the only one in the house (aside from a downstairs loo). It’s safe to say that it needed to a revamp. See below pictures from before, it was totally liveable but so drab! Plus we have worked so hard extending and decorating the rest of the house it was really letting the side down!


About 18 months ago we had an en suite installed as part of our loft conversion and decided to go with similar styling. I really love the look of Victorian bathrooms but as our house is relatively new it doesn’t really work. With this in mind we went for pretty modern fittings.

We used Giovanni who did the work on our en suite (via the loft company) as we were really pleased with his work and efficiency. On this project he did the whole thing in two weeks and would have been even quicker but we were waiting for a couple of deliveries from our side which delayed things.

See below by the end of day two he had already ripped everything out, stripped the walls and re done some of the plasterboard where needed.


By the end of the first week the tiles were going up on the walls and down on the floor fast and the bath was in - it was really starting to take shape.


Like the en suite we wanted a wooden vanity unit but sadly the company who made the one for the loft have become so popular their lead times were too long. In the end rather than delaying the project we ended up buying this unit from Victorian plumbing. We got the matching bath panel too. After a bit of too-ing and fro-ing we went for black, well a sort of charcoal grey. I looked to pinterest for inspiration and just loved the aesthetic of a dark bath and unit against bright white walls. I did an Instagram poll and it was about 70% in favour which reassured me and my (not so sure) hubs to go ahead with it. Plus it was all the fashionista buddies that voted in favour of it. I like to think I have quite a good eye for this sort of thing and I think you’ll agree it looks pretty good. It’s not for everyone but we love it.


As per the en suite we went for white subway tiles with a darker grey grout this time to sit back with the wooden unit and bath panel. The white walls really help brighten the room which annoyingly has no windows - despite being on an outside wall. We also went for the same wood look tiles for the floor, these are amazing btw, they are textured and a lot of people think they are actually wood when they see them.


We decided on a a flat mirror on the wall rather than a cabinet as the vanity unit has plenty of storage. Plus we don’t need a lot of space for storage in this bathroom as it’s only used by Bella and guests. All our (my) lotions are up in the en suite. I think it helps keep the room spacious without a bulky cabinet on the wall, the room seems so much bigger than before, the bright white walls help too. I found this mirror on notonthehighstreet and absolutely love it. Also a side note, when I ordered it the lead time was about 6 weeks for delivery but it turned up in about a week.

I bought a black shower curtain from Wilkos, I wasn’t sure about it when we first hung it up but it has grown on me. I think white would look too stark and matching the white of the tiles exactly would be a palava. My thoughts were that a patterned mono one would look too wacky with the pattern of the subway tiles behind.


I’ve added some finishing touches with a couple of fake plants from TK Maxx, Tiger and Wilkos.

I hope you like? See my pinterest boards for inspiration. Some of the links in this post are affiliate.

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