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Gift ideas for £10 and under

Gift ideas for £10 and under

In a world of gift list posts with everything costing £46,829 I thought I’d do a quick list of ideas for £10 and under. Be it your office secret Santa or something for family and friends, these are some of MY favourite things that cost £10 or less.

1) ‘I’ll be there for you’

This book is a fascinating insight into the infamous TV show Friends. It’s not just for the mega fan of the show, it’s a deep dive into the making of the show and why it was SUCH a hit and is a great read for anyone. It covers everything from the iconic ‘Rachel cut’ to why some of the storylines don’t sit so well in 2018. I’m halfway through and love it!

2) Winter fragrance oil

If you know anyone that loves a candle or burning oil, pick this up from the white company. I’ve mentioned these before but when mixed with water in a burner I think they can be more effective than a candle. Plus if you manage to get it in the White company’s 20% off offer you can pick up a burner from Wilkos for a few quid to go with it. I have the Seychelles oil and it’s a much more affordable way to get the White Company effect in your home.

3) Bendy iphone tripod

This is one for the budding photographer or blogger, or anyone who loves getting a group shot / selfie. The one I have linked has bendy legs which is perfect for placing on any surface and wrapping around things in order to get the perfect shot.

4) Prosecco Pong

For the party animal or someone who likes to host dinner parties etc THIS is a real hit. I picked one up for my sisters Hen and we had such a laugh.

5) ‘Everything I know about love’

Sorry to include two books but this book has been my absolute favourite read of the year, I couldn’t put it down. Written by the brilliant writer, journalist and Sunday Times columnist Dolly Alderton I found it so relatable, not only because she grew up near me and most of her social life revolved around Pizza express in her late teens. One of my best mates text me saying, ‘Given where you grew up I now know why you love Pizza Express so much’. Whether you’re in a relationship, single or otherwise you’ll relate to it. The title suggested to me it’s about romantic relationships, which it is, but it also focuses greatly on Dolly’s relationships with her beloved friends. I think that’s why I adored it so much. In fact, don’t buy this for your secret Santa buy it for yourself!

6) Reusable coffee cup / water bottle

I love this coffee cup from Asos and this water bottle. I’ve been on the reusable water bottle front for a few years now, but I’m ashamed to say it’s only the last year or so I have started to use a reusable coffee cup. There is no excuse these days to use paper cups / plastic bottles (fair enough we do forget on the odd occasion). Especially considering you save money in most of the big retailers now when you bring your own. Maybe buy one of these for the person you know who still always walks around with a paper cup ;)

7) Alphabet Coaster

For the interiors lover you can’t go wrong with one of these from Oliver Bonas. They also have some letters left from last season marked down to £6 here.

8) Men expert travel set

One for the boys, my husband swears by this range and this little travel gift set is not only handy for holidays but the perfect way to introduce someone to a brand and see if they like without spending loads.

9) Champneys citrus body lotion

This is one of my all time fave body lotions - it smells divine. I picked up a tub when I visited Champneys recently but it’s also available from boots here.

10) Tangle Teezer

I have been obsessed with Tangle teezers for years but there are (shock horror) still people who don’t use them? Once you get one you’ll never use a regular hairbrush again. They are amazing for kids hair too which can get pretty out of control and matted. So if you know one who hasn’t yet been converted boots have an offer where they are reduced to £9! I’ve also been known to pick one up in TK Maxx for a reduced price.

Hope you like this and it might have given you some ideas, all of these things are products I love. If you are looking for little ones don’t forget my toddler gift guide which has a few options under £10 too!

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