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My February Favourites

My February Favourites

It's March already! The beginning of spring...although this year it's been like the arctic so far, fingers crossed the temperature will be in double figures shortly! Here are my favourites from February! 

1. Bella's Next transitional pieces

So with spring approaching I'm excited for warmer weather, days outside with Bella and of course NEW SEASON CLOTHES. I went into Next recently and got some really cute bits for Bella that I can mix and match together to make several outfits (you know from my 'shop smart' post I like to do this!). Favourite little outfit below:


Top part of this three pack, the Pinafore I can only find in denim online here

2. The White Company Seychelles oil

I am sucker for The White Company fragrances, as mentioned in my December favourites 'Night' is my favourite winter scent but I love a bit of the Seychelles scent coming into spring.

However White Company candles are expensive so I was delighted when I was in the store recently and the assistant told be about their refresher oils.


You add a few drops to water in a diffuser (I picked mine up from Matalan) and pop a tea light underneath. I think the smell is actually more powerful than a candle itself - for a fraction of the price (£8). 

3. Deuter Carrier

Now first things first: these are not cheap and I had been put off buying one as I felt we wouldn't get enough use out of it. However just before we went to Cornwall I suddenly realised that long cliff top / beach walks would be a no go unless we got something we could carry Bella in. I've talked before about how much we used our Baby Bjorn One but this doesn't cut the mustard with Bella anymore. So I searched a local Facebook group for a second hand toddler carrier and found this one for £30. Winner! Those groups are so fantastic for this sort of thing! 


We used it a lot in Cornwall, Phil found it a bit uncomfortable at first but once the straps were properly adjusted he found it a lot better. As you may have seen here, Bella even fell asleep in it! 

4. TK Maxx mugs

I recently decided that our mug collection was looking a bit boring and tired. I have a couple of nice Le Creuset ones (bought from TK Maxx) and some other pretty options I have been given as gifts.

The rest were about 8 years old so have now been donated to a charity shop. I went into Oliver Bonas and fell in love with all of the styles but as I needed a few I decided against them as they were £14.99 each. See below if your budget can stretch a bit further than mine, the are beautiful!

Sooooo I headed to TK Maxx for something stylish, well made and affordable, they are my go to for home bits at the moment. I picked four (see below, I got two of the big one at the back) and they were £3.99 - £4.99! So happy with them and so is our bank balance! Butter dish also from TK Maxx, can find it full price here.


4. Topshop boots

Another post, another pair of Topshop boots. You may have seen on my Instagram that I originally fell in love with these badboys when they launched in the autumn but couldn't really justify buying them as I already had flat black boots with chunky silver hard wear (and about 5899376549076 other styles).


Anyway, the winter has not been kind to said boots and they're pretty battered. I walked into Topshop on the weekend and they had 30% off lots of boot styles. I figured as much as I'm longing for spring I would get some wear in the next few weeks (given how cold it currently is) and they would last me into next winter. Win win! All four colourways have been reduced to from £89 to £62, if I didn't have my 'practical mummy' hat on I would be all over the sand coloured suede option:

Topshop actually have money off a lot of styles inlcuding my 'Malone' boots from my December favourites. Definitely some bargains to be picked up!


Hope you've enjoyed and as always let me know of any recent finds!

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