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Toddler clothing - Spring sweatshirts

Toddler clothing - Spring sweatshirts

Spring is here but the weather doesn't seem to have got the memo yet! I'm told the forecast is looking up for next week so fingers crossed.

As you know from my shop smart post I like to to buy garments for Bella that are going to last and get plenty of wear, the same applies when shopping for myself. I think a sweatshirt is a great buy for spring, ideal for the chillier days. Or even even a (rare) very hot day when the temperate drops in the evening or when leaving the house first thing in the morning. They are more lightweight to wear and carry compared to their cousins the wooly jumpers.



Sweatshirts are also ideal for travelling in as they're comfy and great on an aeroplane with the chilly aircon, even in the height of summer. The AMAZING glittered spotty one that Bella is wearing in the images above is from my all time favourite Zara, find it here. I bought it on the larger side so it will last into autumn too.

See below some of my favourites I found online. 


GIRLS: 1. Zara, 2. Next, 3, F&F, 4. M&S, 5. George, 6. M&S

UNISEX: 1. Zara, 2. Zara , 3. Stella McCartney 4. Tobias and the bear, 5, Next 6. American Outfitters 

BOYS: 1. M&S, 2. George, 3. Zara, 4. George , 5. River Island, 6. Zara

As you can see above there is a 'unisex' section as there has been a lot of buzz about the 'gender neutral' movement in kids clothing. From my perspective I think it started with a clever marketing tactic from a particular retailer which worked excellently gaining them headlines along with lots of talk on parent forums and Facebook. In my opinion you can walk into most shops and buy 'gender neutral' clothes if you want to, it doesn't have to have a label on it telling you it's gender neutral. There are some great businesses around that already offer solely gender neutral styles. Check out Tommy & Lottie  (local business to me, all items made in the UK using luxury cotton)  and the Tobias & the Bear (also made in the UK with organic fabrics).

As far as dressing Bella, I would say we go for neutral colours but often with a strong nod to femininity. As long as I am dressing her she'll never be in head to toe pink, that's just down to my taste. However I do buy her skirts and dresses as I like to wear them too, in my opinion it would be sending her a mixed message if I wore them but didn't let her? I think some people see 'gender neutral' as dressing girls more like what we have traditionally seen boys clothes (ie not skirts and dresses). It also means dressing girls in and non 'girly' (pink) and boys in non 'boyish' (blue) colours. That's fine if that's your bag but I can't resist a cute dress or bow here and there. I do of course sometimes dress Bella in clothes that boys can wear too.

In terms of relating clothes to gender inequality I think fashion is at the bottom of the list when it comes to what needs to change. There's no way I'm going to let anyone treat this monkey any different for being a girl. 


Anyway back to the point of this post and spring clothing, I hope you like the bits I have picked out. I might do a post next week on another fab transitonal option - dungarees/pinafores! 

Toddler Clothing - Dungarees & Pinafores

Toddler Clothing - Dungarees & Pinafores

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