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April Favourites - My 5 Holiday must haves.

April Favourites - My 5 Holiday must haves.

For my April favourites I'm sharing a list of 5 holiday favourites I take away with me. Having just got back from Dubai and with the summer holidays coming up I thought it might give you all a few ideas. It's not the obvious items like bikinis and sun hats, some more out of the ordinary bits.

1) This works perfect legs skin miracle

I first learnt about this product a few years back via the renowned make up artist Lisa Eldridge while watching one of her youtube videos,  'How to make your legs look great'. She explained why she loves it so much and one of the main reasons being it has lots of great skincare ingredients in it. These include Vitamins C and E which are apparently great for pigmentation and also arnica with is good if, like me your legs are covered in bruises. Plus it doesn't contain any artificial colours or scents, the tint comes from caramel meaning it doesn't look orange. It's an instant tan so you see the effect immediately and it washes off easily.

I use it both at home when I am a bit paler to give me a bit of a more tanned look and on holiday on top of my suntan for some extra glow. I also use on my arms not just my legs. It's a lot of money for an instant tanning product but I do find it goes a long way.

2) Our Go Pro Camera


We were so lucky to receive our GoPro from some friends when we got married and boy have we got our use out of it. It's so small and compact as well as being easy to use. The obvious benefit is that we can use it under water but I also love being able to take snaps when in the sea / on boats / in the pool and not worrying about it getting wet. Especially now we have Bella. See her below in the Shangri-La Abu Dhabi when she was just six months.


Our camera is now four years old so is one of the older models now but still does everything we need. Some of my all time favourite photos were taken on this camera. See below on our honeymoon in Hawaii.


3) Garnier BB Cream

I'm not really a fan of foundation on holiday however I still like something to even out my skin tone and give a teeny bit of coverage. For the last couple of years I have sworn by the Garnier BB cream. You cant beat it in my opinion, and so affordable. I've got my cousin and sister onto it too!

4) BB Salt Spray

Like most people I get major humidity hair on holiday: Hello Monica Gellar in Barbados. On 90% of my beachy holidays I don't even see the point in trying to tame it. Instead I embrace the curls and try to get them to behave with Bumble and bumble salt spray. It takes away the frizz and helps hold the curls in place. I imagine it works on less curly hair too, taming the frizz and smoothing the hair.


5) Waterproof Phone holder / case

My sister introduced me to these phone covers when she bought one for the pool parties in Vegas. Sometimes when away in a pair or small group you fancy a dip in the pool or sea altogether but don't want to leave your valuables unattended. These holders are great as you can pop your phone along with your credit cards and money inside and get in the water without worrying. 

Hope you've enjoyed the above and maybe added one or two of these items to your holiday checklists.

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