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Happy 2nd Birthday, Bella

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bella

So a few weeks back my baby turned two. My little platinum bundle of joy is two years old.

It feels like only yesterday I was writing this post wishing Bella a happy 1st birthday. How is she 2? She's not a baby anymore, she is a full on little girl. First thing every day it's no longer a cry that alerts me to her being awake, it's a, 'Mama GET OUT' (of the cot). I used to walk into her room and see a big smile beaming back at me, now I am greeted with a smile and 'Mornen Mama'. My heart just bursts.

Bella's adorable  wooden camera

Bella's adorable wooden camera

I definitely agree with those who say that it just gets better. Bella makes me laugh so much now, I didn't know a toddler could be so funny. At the moment I can see her being on the stage, whether it be when "A Million Dreams' from the Greatest showman comes on and she prances around singing along making sure everyone is watching. Or when she's having a tantrum and she starts yelling 'HELP ME' to concerned passers by, those acting skills are strong.

She's so affectionate, always coming over and saying 'MAMA CUD-EL, MAMA KISS', you get so much more back from them at this age. I can see actual joy in her now when she sees a 'copter (helicopter) in the sky or when we're at the farm and she is feeding the goats. Like her Mama she is a sensitive soul and we've starting having full on meltdowns when leaving a play date or her friends leave our house.  She is so distraught saying bye bye to them, such a little cutie. Her talking is coming on every day, I love the fact that we can now communicate so easily, she really is like my little best buddy now.


Phil and I are still a parenting team of dreams, I feel really lucky to have a husband who is so dedicated to spending as much time as he can with Bella. Like a lot of people who work full time he is out of the house for 12 hours most week days, but he will still come in and put her to bed if he can while I make dinner. He also makes sure I get enough time to myself (who can forget the surprise Dubai trip - what a dreamboat).

Bella's so lucky to have amazing relationships with all four of her grandparents, two Great Grandmas and her auntie and uncles whom she adores. We are also blessed with a great group of friends for her to play with who happen to have mummies I get on with. 


Despite all of this, I'm not going to make out like everything is perfect. If I'm honest despite finding this last year more rewarding, I have definitely found this second year harder than the first. I guess I was lucky in the early stages as we took to breast feeding easily, she was generally a good sleeper and has slept solidly through the night from 6 months (touch wood, I never get complacent about that). What I have found tough this last year is how energy sapping it is running round after / entertaining a toddler. Also the fact she is mobile and incredibly determined at the same time. To quote my 'Toddler Taming' book she has 'minimum sense and maximum mobility'. If she doesn't want to do something I know about it. I thought my job was relatively stressful but I have never felt stress like Bella lying on the floor of a cafe, screaming full pelt while I try and carry out what can only be described as a flipping fish, all the while smiling at people and rolling my eyes in a comical manner when inside I am crying. But this is all normal I guess, they're not called the 'terrible twos' for nothing. 


One thing I have done this past year which has had a great effect in me physically and mentally is joined a gym. If you can do it I can't recommend it enough, I actually enjoy it as it's some 'me time' which I appreciate so much now. I will go in the evenings or in the day where I can leave Bella in the creche. I am never going to look like I did ten years ago as I enjoy carbs and cake too much but it's more about being fit and healthy these days.

So as Bella turns two I am excited for the next year to watch her develop and learn more. We have potty training to conquer in the coming months which I'm sure will bring along a story or two! 

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