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The Christmas gift guide (2-3 years)

The Christmas gift guide (2-3 years)

I’m back! Blogging is a bit harder these days because…BELLA HAS STOPPED NAPPING. Yep this is not a drill, the dreaded day has arrived and we no longer have naps in the day. I feel like she is quite young to have dropped it and I really miss that hour to myself to do some chores, admin and maybe spend 15 minutes on the blog. She is sleeping 12-13hours a night at the moment so for now she is obviously getting all the sleep she needs then. So that only really leaves me the evenings to blog, and if Phil and I are both in we don’t normally sit down until 9pm and usually just shove something on the TV (HELLO MAKING A MURDERER OR #MAM as we have renamed it).

So the other night I decided to dedicate a bit of time to a Christmas gift guide for toddlers. Sorry to mention the ‘C’ word but it is fast approaching and like last year I thought I would get this in early as you might be able to pick up some bits in the black Friday sales.

A lot of these ideas have come from what Bella received for her second birthday, she was so very lucky and all of her presents are fab and do different jobs. Other ideas are just things she loves playing with at friends houses.

Normally on birthdays / at Christmas people encourage you to open all your presents on the actual day but with toddlers I would recommend spreading it out over a few days. That way they actually get excited about each present when opening it which is also lovely for the person who is giving the gift.

SO here are my ideas, they are really varied in price from £5 up to just under £100. And remember sometimes the least expensive toys are the biggest hit! 

1) Scooter

We are now THOSE people with a child whizzing around on a scooter. We went for this turquoise number from the popular brand Micro scooter and Bella is obsessed with it. Her little face when she first saw it back on her birthday was so cute.


Straight away she knew what to do and was saying 'push and glide, push and glide'. We have no idea where she has picked that up from? I am wondering if there is something similar she plays with at creche. Especially as she knew what to do with it straight away.

2) Scooter accessories

It goes without saying that we had to buy her a helmet to wear when she is out on the scooter, We got this matching one from micro scooter. You may have noticed in the pictures her scooter is rather pimped with the tassels, light and bell. Her buddies bought her those and they too got scooters for their birthdays, the three of them riding around on the their pimped up scooters is going to be so cute.


These accessories are a great idea if you know a little one that is getting a scooter!

3. Balance bike

If a scooter is not for you and your little one then a balance bike is a great alternative, people seem to go for them over bigger bikes with stabilisers these days.

4. Chef kit / Bakery set


A bit of cooking / baking is an activity in our house these days. I recommend biscuits over cakes, they are a lot less messy as your little one can use a cookie cutter to make the biscuits which takes up loads of time, as does rolling the dough out. A little mini baking set including a cute chefs hat it a great little gift.

5. Dress up

Fancy dress is a real winner with Bella at the moment, she has some friends who have costumes which she loves playing with and when I pick her up from creche she is often in a little outfit. Fancy dress will definitely be on the Christmas list this year!

6. Gardening set

Maybe more of a present for the summer although Bella still spends plenty of time in our garden in the winter, albeit more wrapped up. Our friends bought Bella the cutest Gruffalo gardening kit which was so fitting as she was quite into the garden this summer, especially pulling some of the plants out of their pots.... she also enjoyed ‘helping me’ water the flowers so this little kit was perfect as it came with a little watering can too.


This toy is going to get lots of use in the summers to come.

7) Ice cream cart

My best friend bought this for Bella after she had a whale of a time playing on her Niece's a few months back.


It's such a cute little toy and one that a few children can play with at once as it has several cones etc (anyone with toddlers that fight over toys will appreciate this). It plays songs too and has little cards you can slot in which reveal people's 'orders'. It's an absolute hit!


8) Shopping list game

A friend recommended this game to me so I bought it with some money my lovely auntie sent Bella. There are lots of little cards with different foods on and then each child gets their own shopping list and basket / trolley which they then fill up with the items on their list.


It's great for developing their words and visual recognition. I'm also hoping it will help Bella enjoy our trips to the supermarket a bit more. All of the Orchard games are fab to be fair.

9) Doctors kit

One of the ultimate role play games here, my cousin bought Bella this Peppa pig one a while back and she loves it. She will sit there and ask me what’s wrong and then ‘treat me’ with the needle or ‘take my temperature’ or ‘listen to my tummy’. I’m not sure if it’s down to this game but she’s also pretty keen to go to the doctor these days which always helps!

10) Puzzles 

We’ve moved on from baby puzzles to some more complex ones now, Bella loves them. Especially when they are characters from her favourite books or TV show. These are great presents for toddlers and pretty inexpensive. The good thing about a puzzle is she will sit there for a good amount of time while she works it all out. I have to really hold back from getting involved when I can see she’s close to putting the right piece in the right place.

11) Supermarket till

Another great toy for children that are starting to role play! We bought this one in TK Maxx and it comes with the food bits to play with too,

Hope that’s helped and given you lots of ideas for toddlers, don’t forget to check out last years gift guide if you have a younger one. Also send me your ideas as to what you are getting your toddlers!



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