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Hair Hair Hair

Hair Hair Hair

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Bit of a first for this little blog of mine, I thought I’d share a hair post! It includes some simple accessories that I am loving at the moment AND how I do my big volume curls / waves, a bit of a 2-4-1 if you like. I posted the picture below on my Instagram a few weeks back and got some messages asking how I had done my hair, I have received a couple of similar messages over the past couple of years I thought I would take the time to write a ‘how to’ guide.


SO first things first: hair accessories. I admit I was a lot braver when I was younger with hair scarves galore. These days I tend to buy things, put them in my hair and then when I am about to leave the house take them out again. Having said that when I do actually wear something in my hair I feel it can really add some interest to my outfit and general look with very minimal effort. SO here are two trends which I think are really easy to wear.

1) Hair slides.

When the likes of Chanel and Gucci sent models down the runway rocking hair slides at their SS18 / AW18 shows it was only a matter of time before it trickled down to the high street. The hair slide (normally a the number one accessory of a five year old) is a top accessory for 2019. This is a really easy trend to emulate and can jazz up a simple outfit, even UK Vogue says it’s the ‘trend for everyone’.

I took the hair slide plunge back in January and went for this pearl number from ASOS


I bought it to wear for Bella’s christening but took it out before I left the house (standard). I did wear it this past weekend though! See below some others I have found online.




2. Hairbands

Another accessory that I like to rock is the fabric Alice band with a knot on the top which is everywhere. It’s a really simple addition to an outfit and can be worn with anything from jeans and a sweatshirt to a fancy frock.


See below some options I have found online:

How I do my hair in bouncy curls / waves


To set some context my hair is naturally curly and so will hold curls quite well, it was super thick while I was pregnant with Bella and actually stayed that way for a year or so after. It has started to thin back to how it was before over the last year or so.

Also a bit of a disclaimer: this look is something I usually only have time to do on the weekend when Phil is around to entertain Bella, those I spend my time with will confirm my hair is normally greasy and in a top knot. This method works really well on my hair as like I said above my hair holds a curl nicely. It may not work so well on your hair, however I have done this style for a few people and it’s always come out great.

As my locks are pretty fine at the moment I am wearing a couple of lines of clip in hair extensions in these photos. I have used extensions on and off for years, they often get a bit of a bad rep but if worn correctly they can look amazing. I tend to use them for thickness rather than to lengthen my hair. In other words I would never wear extensions longer than my actual hair, this is where I think they tend to start looking unnatural unless done professionally - lesson learnt in the past! Extensions are also a great way for me to thicken up my top knot as otherwise I look like I have a pea bun on my head - strong look.

This hairstyle can be done with or without extensions.

1. Wash hair normally with your preferred shampoo or conditioner. I am not hugely committed to a particular hair brand, I tend to go for Aussie or L’oreal.

2. Brush through with a tangle teezer (MUST HAVE) and apply a heat protector spray.


3. This step isn’t necessary but I think it is what really gives the big volume effect at the root, particularly if you have fine hair like me. Take the front section and blow dry forward with a round barrel brush and put a big velcro roller in to set.


Do the same with the top right and top left sections of your hair. Then finally the back bit on the crown of your head, you should have four rollers in total now.


If you have time you can repeat this process all over your head for extra volume but I usually just blast the rest or let it dry naturally.

4. Now it’s time to tong the hair. Make sure you have a really wide barrel tong of at least an inch diameter other wise you’re going to look like Shirley Temple. I have used one I bought in boots for YEARS which is sadly no longer available. I am eager to try the GHD tongs but every time I go to buy I change my mind and think I’m always really happy with the job my £30 ones do.

If you are going to wear extensions clip then in now so you are tonging them with your own hair, that way they will blend in a lot more nicely and look more natural.


I tend to find the best place on the head to clip in them in is about halfway down in line with my ears, any higher you may risk them being seen.


See below with and without extensions.


I take quite big sections for bigger and bouncy curls. I always curl away from my face.


Once hot let the curl drop and then spray with hairspray. Then wrap the curl up in a velcro roller and secure with a bobby pin. I used to just wrap the curl up and clip with a bobby pin but recently I have started using the rollers again and it really helps to smooth the hair and I think holds the curl better while it sets. The most important thing is letting the hair completely cool while wrapped up, most experts say that is the key to the curl holding.

I always start from the bottom up and do it in three or four rows time dependant. If you have thicker hair you might have to do it in more sections. I always do the two front sections in a looser curl as I think it frames the face better.


Once I have done my whole head I give it another spray. I would usually leave the rollers in for at least an hour, the longer the better really.

Once you’re ready take the rollers out - you might feel like they’re too bouncy at first but they will quickly drop. Make sure you give the curls a brush through with fingers or with a tangle teaser. Using fingers will leave you with more separated and defined curls (like the picture above where I have the black headband on) and using a tangle teezer gives a looser bouncy wave like the image at the top with Bella, a bit more of a ‘Hollywood curl’. I apply some serum at this point to smooth my hair and if it’s looking a bit fluffy on the top / in my parting apply some hairspray to flatten any fly aways.

It is quite time consuming, it takes about 30 - 45 minutes to get it from wet to tonged and in rollers and that’s for me who has been doing it for a long time. However I think it’s worth putting the time in as it holds so well, the picture above where I am in the red blazer was taken a good few hours after the rollers had come out. See picture below of my hair about 12 hours after I had done it, I had given it a good re-brush through with my Tangle Teezer. Also a tip if wearing extensions: brushing your hair through frequently helps blend all the hair together nicely, keeping them looking natural.


It looks great the day after, my curls will drop out over night but the volume definitely stays, my hair is easy to style for days until I eventually get around to washing my hair again.

Lastly see below all the bits I use to do this style - I haven’t included a hairdryer as assuming everyone has one of those! There are also two hair tong options to suit all budgets!

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 15.20.40.png

1. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo here, 2. Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner here, 3. Boots large rollers here, 4. Hairspray here, 5. VO5 Heat protector spray here, 6, Large Barrel brush here, 7. Tangle teezer here, 8. Bobby pins here, 9. Babyliss volume wave tong here, 10. GHD Curve® Soft Curl Tong here, 11. Kevin Murphy Young Again Serum here.

I hope you’re still with me after that enormous post and found it useful! X

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